Words Of Thanks...

“Your skills, kindness and enthusiasm helped not only record the most spectacular day of our lives but also contributed greatly to how we and our family and friends recall the very atmosphere of the day.”

Jim Keegan

“Thank you so much for photographing our special day. You were just a delight- Never bothering anyone and so pleasant to all. I must tell you that a few friends and family commented on your patience and consideration. Again our sincere thanks.”

Beth Mendel
Newton, MA

“The pictures are truly wonderful. Thank you 80 million times! You captured so many great combinations of people- such diversity and individuality-A durable gift which I’ll cherish all the years to come- the descendants are grateful to you too! Much love and deep gratitude for a unique present .”

Elizabeth Dennison Dunker
Cambridge, MA

“ The pictures came out great- I’m very happy with them. We’re having a lot of fun showing them to friends and family (only it takes about an hour to go through them all!) We are very appreciative of the difficult conditions you had to work under- you did a wonderful job. We’ll be in touch about copies.”

Katy Abel
Boston, MA

“Although it has taken me months to do so, I really want to tell you what you know already, that is, how much we love the photos you took of Laurie’s wedding! They give such a wonderful sense of what a good time everyone was having! I’ve filled one album with photos and have gotten about a third of the way through the photos you took- you see, there’s hardly a shot I can bear to have out! Fortunately I have lots of refill pages!”

Anne Elvins
Belmont, MA

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